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A week until I leave...

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Well it's a week until I leave for Europe... just starting my blog so everyone can follow where I'm going and what I'm doing. The nerves are definately kicking in but I'm mostly just excited for all the experiences (good and bad) that I will encounter! Well the next time I update my blog I'll be off on my adventure!

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Plane to London

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So my first blog entry of the six upcoming 6 weeks.. just departed vancouver on our flight to London and the nerves are kicking in… wasn’t really real until I picked up my backpack to put it in the car and realized this is my life stuffed into my little backpack for a month and a half. Not gunna lie, Kristy made me shed a lil tear on the way to the airport.. leaving my friends, family and support system behind is freakin scary! I know its only 6 weeks, but its also a whole new continent with nobody but myself to rely on. So needless to say I definitely have some anxiety… but to my relief the alcohol cart just rolled up to my seat lol vodka 7 should relieve the nerves for sure lol. We were lucky enough to be in first class, and being completely spoiled. I have my own bed and TV, so I duno if this is a good or bad thing, but all booze is complimentary lol they might as well just park the cart right here haha… all jokes aside, im so looking forward to this time to prove to myself I’m okay on my own, whether it be in the comfort of the city I was born and raised in, or plopped down in the middle of a whole new continent. I’ll be fine...and you’ll all hear from me soon!!! To be continued….

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Meetin Vicki London Style!

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Well we landed in London at about 11am London time on June 8th. Vicki came and met us at our hotel a few hours later. We went to the Prince of Whales pub which was across the street from our hotel in Kensington, and met her cousin there. Had an interesting meal lol, everyone elses’ seemed to be good but mine, not so much. We sat and had a couple drinks then said g’bye to her cousin and returned to our hotel to get changed. Vicki and I ended up headin back out and took the Tube (London Metro) to the party part of London outside Covent Gardens (can’t remember the name of the square if my life depended on it!) We checked out a few places but ended up at a bar called The Zoo. It was INSANE to say the least, we definitely partied London style that night! Met some backpackers from California spent most of the night with them. Did a little dancing in the foam party that we eventually discovered downstairs lol. Anyway, definite good times. Made our way back to the hotel and met some locals that took us for a bite to eat considering Vicki discovered very quickly McDonald’s is NOT 24 hours  lol
The next morning, June 9th, we dragged our sorry butts outta bed feeling the affects of the previous night lol and checked outta the hotel, left our bags, had a bite at the Muffin Man lol and took the Tube to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. A big strike for the union of the Tube workers is starting today so everything’s kind of a mess but we eventually made it there. Big Ben was amazing, just the size of it was unreal. Took some pictures with two British bobbies (made me think of my dad lol, British police) and walked about 15 mins to Buckingham palace. It was beautiful, expected it to be a little bigger but none the less it was gorgeous. Missed the changing of the guards, but a horse drawn carriage was allowed into the grounds and then picked up 2 gentlemen from the front door of the palace and left the grounds. It was actually very cool, no idea who they were but obviously somebody since they got passed the crazy protection of that place. We returned to the Tube station, said goodbye to Vicki cuz she was taking another train back to her grandma’s and Mom and I made our way back to our hotel. We grabbed our bags and took the tube to the train station and took a 30 min train to London Gatwick to catch our flight. There was a saying painted on the wall in the airport that I really liked, attempted to take a picture but it didn’t turn out… it said “We are who we are because of everyone in our lives”. It’s only been a couple days into my trip but I think all the time about how special everyone is I have in my life and how much I love you all.

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So Tuesday, June 9th we took a 2 hour flight into Ibiza, Spain, well known for being the party capital of the world. I was warned in London about how nuts this place gets! We arrived at our hotel which is beautiful right on the beach, got changed and headed out to see what was around, it was already 11:30pm by the time we got out of our room so wasn’t expecting to do too much. Had a couple drinks at a bar across the street which came to 20 Euros which is about 27 dollars for TWO drinks! Lol luckily it’s the beginning of the season here so they’re doing a lot of promoting and gave out 2 for 1. Left there and met a bunch of people on the street, there seems to be tons of Italians here, people from allllll over the world but, noticed lots of Italians last night. Went to a bar with some promotor guys from Argentina for awhile but got a little creepy so I said I’d be right back and b lined for the door haha.. we went back to the hotel and grabbed the most amazing kabob, or in Canada a donair. Returned to our hotel and hit the hay.
June 10th.. We just woke up its about 8:30am and its BEAUTIFUL out. Not sure what we’re gunna do today, but I just wanted to update my blog and you’ll hear from me again soon!

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Update on the last few days..

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Hey everyone! So its been pretty hard getting Wifi so far, either they dont have it or its SUPER expensive. So I've been writing and posting it later. Anyways so I havent written or updated anything for the past few days since we arrived in Ibiza. So June 10th we took it easy and lazed on the most beautiful beach (ill be posting pix on here so you'll have to check out the gallery) anyways had a relaxing day, fell asleep in the sun for a while, you know the hard life lol backpacking definately hasnt started yet, couldn't be more spoiled. I know the saying is when in rome do what the romans do but I was for sure standing out having my bikini top on lol... Spain is definately a carefree place and the women sure flaunt what their momma's gave 'em. Liberating im sure, but not really into it lol. Anyways went out to a bar at about midnight and met a huge group of English guys lol on a stag from Birmingham. We had a great time, ended up at Murphy's an Irish pub right off the beach, definately made me feel more at home when I walked in and they were blarin' Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 lol. Stayed there and drank til the sun came up.. sunrise in Ibiza is amazing, walkin on the beach, definately can't beat it. Slept for about 3 hours then hit the beach again. I dunno what it is about Ibiza but you really dont get or need much sleep there lol maybe its all the Vodka/Redbulls I was drinkin'!

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