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Ibiza to Barcelona..

sunny 30 °C

So on our last night in Ibiza the English boys were havin their stag night and all decided to dress up.. literally... there were indians, priests, men dressed as women lol absolutely HILARIOUS. We went to an English pub and has a great night.. we partied pretty hard seeing as it was our last night, they don´t leave til monday but they sent us off in the true English way, lol a damn good party. So good I actually didn´t get to bed that night and all of a sudden it was 6am and we had a flight to catch to Barcelona at 8am lol needless to say it was the roughest flight of my life. Thank God it was only 45 mins! lol Landed in Barcelona and took a taxi to our hotel. It was a beautiful hotel right in the centre of Las Rambles and very bustling part of Barcelona. We decided to go for a bit at a little sidewalk cafe and then took the metro to see the hostel that I would be staying at the following night (june 13) seeing as my Mom was flying out the next afternoon. Well this probably wasn´t a good idea, I wasn´t feeling well my insulin pump had been acting up and my blood sugar was a little outa wack, still hadn´t slept, it was HOT HOT HOT and the nerves were gettin to me seeing as I was soon to be a lone backpacker without my momma lol. Once we found the hostel it actually was very nice. Made our way back to the hotel, took a much needed nap and then went to go see the interesting sites (and people) of Barcelona. Ate at a great restaurant in the heart of all the action of Las Rambles, could have sat there and people watched for hours. Not cheap though, 2 pizzas and a couple beer ended up costing 50 Euros, or about 65 dollars! Oh well it was good food anyway. Shopped a little, Mom bought a gorgeous bag, there´s some great shopping here for sure. Headed back to the hotel at about midnight and got some rest.

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Update on Barcelona

sunny 30 °C

So we woke up and checked out of our hotel on Saturday morning and went for something to eat before Mom had to catch her flight. Ended up having my credit cards, all my ID, and quite a bit of cash stolen out of my backpack. I was SO upset and a little bit frantic. Never been so pissed in my life really lol. Anyways Mom ended up giving my a bunch of cash to hold me over and I called and cancelled all my cards and got them re issued, she´ll have to Fedex them to me when I´m in Italy. Had to go to the police station and make a report incase anything happened with my cards. Anyways we got it taken care of and I said goodbye to Mom. Had a great week with her and will miss her but from then I was on my own...... for about an hour lol ended up meeting up with Scott´s girlfriends best friends who are all from Vancouver and backpacking for the same time I am. So I got a room at their hostel for the next 3 nights. Another one of their friends is here with her boyfriend for the week staying at a hotel nearby. So we all got together and went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant called The Attic. and then moved onto a bar called the Santa Monica. Had a great time, Leah wasn´t feeling well so went back to the hostel but we had a great night. Woke up early the next day (sunday, june 14) and went to the Gaudi Museum which was super interesting, it was all about his architectural buildings from the late 1800´s. We stopped for a great pizza lunch and then checked out the church Gaudi designed for the holy family (Sagrada Familia) which was ok, kind of a rip off.. although when I went to buy my ticket I didnt have my youth ID cuz it had been stolen and the guy saw my police report and let me in for free! Very nice of him but then had to pay to use all the elevators in the building lol Europeans like to charge for EVERYTHING. We came back and booked our next hostel and then headed out for dinner at the marina, wasn´t feeling well though so didnt eat much. Went for a nice walk back to the hostel and called it a night. Kyla and Gianni leave for Ibiza on Tuesday and we fly to Rome so the next night will be our party night and bon voyage.

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Last day in Barcelona..

sunny 28 °C

Woke up at about 10 and headed over to the cathedral down the street. Ended up having to improvise and wear my scarf over my shoulders... you´re not allowed in with your shoulders showing or a skirt above the knee.. it was pretty interesting but a quick visit. We came back to the hostel and grabbed all of our laundry and went to the laundromat started our laundry and went to the grocery store to buy some lunch... We just got back to the hostel to drop everything off and we´re headed back out to do some shopping and maybe the beach for a bit. We´ll be flying out Tuesday, June 16 @ 345pm.. ill update once we´re in Rome!

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Leaving Barcelona to Rome

sunny 35 °C

We woke up and packed all of our stuff and headed out to the metro and took the metro to the bus station and ran for our bus, getting there just in time! Took a one hour bus to the Girano airport for our flight to Rome. Flew Ryan Air to Rome and had a horrible flight.. so turbulent! So glad it was a short flight. Landed and took the hottest bus EVER to our the train station.. it was 34 degrees and no air conditioning uggghhhhh... but we made it to our hostel finally! Such a long tavel day but happy to be in Rome. Took a walk down to the Colloseum which is lit up at night and just laid down and looked at the stars for awhile, so relaxing and amazing to be in Rome lying next to the Colloseum. Headed back to our room and had an early night. We slept in the next day by accident but hurried to get outta the room we had A LOT to do today. We took a tour of the colloseum and a few other museums and monuments. It is sooooooooo hot here, they say it will be 45 degrees in a couple days. We stopped for a great lunch.. I had the freshest bruchetta and fruit at a decent price. Eventually made it back to our room around 6 and showered to head out for a pub crawl. Walked back to the Colloseum to meet up for the pub crawl. Went to the first bar and had all you can drink for the first hour and some yummy pizza and tshirts.... ended up getting a free bottle of champagne from the bartender lol nice lil welcome to Rome for sure... definately took advantage of the all you can drink happy hour lol left for the next bar an hour later and was ready to go lol... didnt end up spending much more money really, the first hour held us over til the end of the night with a drink or two in the middle. Met so many people from canada.. had a great time but ended up leaving a little early cuz it was getting outta control lol... Leah definately needed to go back to the room. Pub crawl was defintely a good idea and a great time. We just woke up (june 18th) and came to the internet cafe to book our next hostel in Florence, we leave here on Saturday and take the train to Florence. Dont get wifi on my laptop so I wont be updating til probably saturday or sunday. Miss you all very much! But Im having an amazing trip so far :)

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Last days in Rome then off to Florence!

sunny 25 °C

So in the last two days in Rome we crammed in soooooo much, all together we did the Colloseum, Palentine Hill, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Pantheon, Vatican city and Sistine Chapel. Never walked so much in my life! It was nice to see some things during the day and then go back at night, such a different feeling. Shannon, Leah and I took a carriage ride from the Spanish steps around to the trevi fountain and a couple other places on Thursday night with our water bottles full of wine. Lol grabbed some gelato, very romantic I must say haha. Then woke up super early on Friday to do the Vatican City. Took the metro there and walked in the stiffling heat to the Vatican Museum. Had a nice little picnic for lunch in the courtyard of all the museums which took FOREVER to get through. Apparently if you took one minute to look at each piece in all of the Vatican Museum it would take you 12 years to get through it. So spent a few hours there and then hit the Sistine Chapel which wasn't quite what we expected but still beautiful. Headed to the grocery store and grabbed some food and drinks, went back to the room and showered and ate and then went out for our last nice dinner in Rome, had some great pasta and bruchetta.... mmm so good and fresh! Went to an Irish pub for a drink but there were some really persistent italian chauchies lol so we left after our first drink. Woke up today (June 20th) and packed all of our things and went to the Termini train station for lunch and ALMOST missed our train because the woman we reserved seats through didnt tell us we're supposed to take the train to Milan and just get off at the florence station lol I finally figured it out and we got on with about 2 mins to spare. Had a nice train ride to Florence and just arrived at our hostel the Emerald Field. We're just going to head out for an all you can eat Italian dinner mmmmm.... missing everyone <3

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