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Interlaken to Munich

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So day after bungee jumping we woke up and packed up all our stuff, had some breakfast and left our stuff at the hostel to go reserve our train to Munich. We did a little shopping on the way, I bought a Swiss Army knife and a couple other little things. Booked our train and then stopped at the grocery store to grab some sandwich stuff for the train ride. Went back to Balmer’s grabbed our stuff and went back to the station, not worth walking around with your backpack trying to figure stuff out, better to get everything organized and then grab your backpack, we’ve definitely figured that out by now. We caught the train around 2 and then had to change trains 2 times on the way to Munich. So about 8 hours later we finally arrived in Munich and found our hostel, Jaeger’s, just across the street from the train station, couldn’t be a better location. We were all a little curious to see what it was going to be like, we had booked a 40 person co-ed dorm for the 3 nights we were staying there. The hostel was really nice, had an awesome bar and then a nice common area. The 40 person dorm wasn’t so bad either, it was a huge area split up into 4 horseshoe shaped areas of 5 sets of bunkbeds. We went across the street for a bite to eat and decided we were going to do Dachau concentration camp the next morning so called it a night.
We woke up pretty early and grabbed some breakfast at the hostel and then went to the train station to meet our tour to Dachau. The town of Dachau wasn’t very far, so we took a short train and bus to the camp. I had tried to mentally prepare myself for what we were all about to see but it’s hard to know what to expect. Everyone’s demeanor changed once we got there and it was very eerie, but it didn’t affect me like I expected until we were shown a video with interviews from some survivors and then a video the SS took while Dachau was in use. I’ve never felt a pit in my stomach like I did at that moment. Piles of bodies; not even bodies actually skin and bones, just dumped on top of each other like trash. Everything we saw that day was so disturbing that you begin to wonder how this is even true, how human beings actually had that much evil in them. All I could think about was these people that were put into incinerators, not even cremated but incinerated like garbage, all had families. None of us really talked for most of the tour. I kind of made my way off on my own, not in a talking mood at all. Our tour guide was great, so informative, but very respectful of the impact his information was having on everyone. The tour was about 4 hours long and very eye opening but I’m very glad I did it, learned a lot I probably would have never known otherwise. Back at the hostel we decided we were going to do a pubcrawl that night, so we showered and got ready and went to the youth hostel next door to meet at the pub. For 15 euros you get all you can drink for the first hour and then 3 Jager shots throughout the tour and they take you 3 different “pubs”, which were really beer gardens and beer halls but same difference. After the first hour of slamming back beers as fast as our stomachs could take lol we walked to our first destination, a 7000 person outdoor beer garden. It was beautiful, hundreds of picnic tables underneath hugeeee trees. That’s where the drinking really began, we figured the beer steins held about 6 to 7 beers each and they were only 6 euros each! I’m not much a beer drinker but I sure became one on this trip. I actually drank a lot of radlers which is half beer half lemonade, sounds gross until you try one. We spent about an hour there, drank and ate their massive pretzels and then headed to the next place, Augustine’s. This was more of a restaurant with a big drinking area, we were all getting hungry, or just the drunk munchies but couldn’t figure out the menu at all, we hadn’t really had a problem up until now but this was a very traditional German menu, so our solution was sneaking McDonalds in in our purses haha… we ended the pubcrawl at the Hofbrahaus, a very famous drinking hall where Hitler used to go. It was very loud, very German, and very fun. The best part about drinking a huge stein of beer is just lifting the glass is a good arm workout, I literally had to use both hands all night sooooooo much beer! Lol we made our way back to the hostel and decided we were pooped from starting drinking so early in the night, definitely bed time. The night before had been fine, hostel wasn’t very loud at all, had good sleeps. But tonight would be a different story. At about 430am a big group of Swiss guys come yelling and screaming and wrestling around OUR beds of course, not even trying to be quiet, trying to open their beer bottles on the metal stairs and just being soooo rude and inconsiderate to the fact there’s 30 other people trying to sleep. Anyways, I’ll explain later why they probably came to regret that. Didn’t get much sleep after that, so we got up and headed towards the city centre to do some shopping. We were surprised to walk right into the centre of the Munich Gay Pride Parade! It was awesome though, so many interesting people there and so much to see and look at, not all things we wanted to see though lol lots of gay people are very proud to show they’re gay not just by holding hands and kissing! Let’s just say Mike clung to Leah the entire time lol. After the interesting festivities we went shopping and after a couple hours Mike and Sheena were ready to go back to the hostel but Shannon, Leah and I wanted to look around a little longer. So they headed back, and we finished our shopping and met up around 600 at the hostel and had happy hour at the hostel bar. This is when Mike and Sheena informed us on our revenge against the drunken Swiss guys lol. They went to take a nap while we finished shopping and noticed all the guys had left their big bottles of water by their beds. Well Sheena remembered she had eye drops and thought a couple squirts wouldn’t do too much harm, but realized she didn’t have enough left for everyone… so she pondered, what to do, what to do… solution = go to the pharmacy around the corner and get a bottle of liquid exlax! Bhahaha anyways, they got theirs, maybe they won’t be so loud next time. The guy who works at the hostel told us we had to check out a club before leaving Munich and since this was our last night we decided to check out one he suggested called the Red Sun. We got ready and went for a very traditional German dinner of schnitzel and bratwurst at Augustine’s; and then walked not too far where all the clubs are, but were told that on weekend nights unless you have VIP cards or guestlist you can’t get into Red Sun, so we went down the street to another club which was actually the biggest in Munich. Drinks were soooooo cheap, we got 2 shots of jager, a redbull, a strongbow, and a vodka redbull for 13 euros! And my favorite was 1 euro tequila shots haha.. but there was great music and it was PACKED so we stayed for a few hours. Shannon and I danced most of the night going back and forth between the hiphop and the techno rooms. Got knocked around a little bit by the HUGE German dudes takin up all the space lol good times though. Made our way home eventually and went to sleep.. QUIETLY like respectful people do lol.

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